Imagine a Wasaga summer day in the not-too-distant future. Stroll south along the new beach boardwalk, an expanse of white sand to your right, the sound of music floating in the air from Festival Square to your left. You survey the cluster of new buildings around the Square, the outdoor patios and shops, the boutique hotels. Just a two-minute walk across the bridge is the new downtown. You cross the bridge into a charming newly built area that feels intimately urban, passing by a bookstore, a few cafés, a library, businesses and shops. Cyclists roll by; you can’t help but notice how many people are bicycling or walking instead of driving. And that’s just the beginning. Wasaga Beach’s plans for a walkable, mixed-use, community-oriented downtown along Main Street and on the other side of the bridge at the beach was unveiled this spring. Town officials say that the Downtown Development Master Plan will transform Wasaga Beach when it’s completed. The good news is that Georgian Sands is located just minutes from the new downtown area and everything it has to offer.
Artist’s rendering: The Town of Wasaga Beach, Downtown Development Master Plan, March 2017.